Introducing InvestingBetter’s NewWeek™

The InvestingBetter NewWeek™ is an pending order signal service with some amazing and smooth performance. It is the result of extensive research, testing and optimisation and it is currently designed for the EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pairs.

The NewWeek™ system exploits a particular characteristic of currency pairs and offers distinct advantages over other trading signal systems and strategies:

  • It is a pending-order based system. It means that you can set up the orders well in advance and you will not need to rush to execute a market order when the suggested pending orders are defined. A number of signal systems in the market require you to react to a signal generated which is something that does not suit all lifestyles plus the price will probably move by the time you take action.
  • It is well-defined. The NewWeek™ service gives you clear Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. A number of signal systems and Expert Advisors (EAs in MT4 terminology) in the market do not put Stop Losses in the hope that the price will eventually revert if it goes the wrong way – and we all know that such strategies eventually do not work.
  • It is not spreads-sensitive. The NewWeek™ service does not rely on narrow spreads since it does not “scalp” – in other words it does not rely on small (< 2 pip) price movements to make a small profit. Such systems are usually EAs that trade automatically and they are extremely spread sensitive. Also the EURUSD and GBPUSD currency pairs are extremely liquid so slippage and spreads are minimised.
  • It is broker-independent. The NewWeek™ service works on all brokers systems for the reasons listed above. This is because it is based on pending orders that all trading systems cater for.
  • It has been tested thoroughly. The NewWeek™ service has been tested for a number of years with a 99.9% modelling quality – not many signal services are tested like that. You will also notice that a lot of other systems, although they claim amazing performance, do not show you any performance data. Instead they show the winners but not the losers – for obvious reasons.
  • It does not overtrade. The NewWeek™ system does not perform a lot of trades. Typically it will trade on average once or twice a week! Whilst a lot of systems rely on hundreds or thousands of trades per year the NewWeek™ calmly trades when the conditions are right – it does not trade for the sake of trading. And remember, cash is a position.


How many signals are given and when?

The signals are given every Sunday and can be put as pending orders when the currency markets open at about 10pm GMT.

How long are these signals valid for?

In general the signals are valid for the whole day. For example, the Sunday signals are valid for the whole of Monday. On Monday night any pending orders must be deleted and any open positions must be closed regardless of gain or loss.

What are the vital statistics? 

For EURUSD over 7 years:

  • LOW RISK:  2% risk per trade, DD = 3.10%, Profit Factor = 2.23, Gain = 41.2%
  • MEDIUM RISK:  5% risk per trade, DD = 7.61%, Profit Factor = 2.22, Gain 136%
  • HIGH RISK:  10% risk per trade, DD = 11.87%. Profit Factor = 2.06, Gain 342.7%

For GBPUSD  over 7 years:

  • LOW RISK:   2% risk per trade, DD = 3.68% , Profit Factor = 1.70, Gain = 22.9%
  • MEDIUM RISK:   5% risk per trade, DD = 8.96%, Profit Factor = 1.68, Gain 67%
  • HIGH RISK:  10% risk per trade, DD = 17.17%, Profit Factor = 1.66, Gain = 172%

I don’t have time to setup the orders. Can I copy your trades?

Soon you will be able  to copy us on the usual networks including eToro and Zulu Trade


NewWeek Monthy Subscription
£99.99 / month (No VAT)
Annual subscription to InvestingBetter's NewWeek order-based signals system
NewWeek Annual Subscription
£999.99 / year (No VAT)
Annual subscription to InvestingBetter's NewWeek order-based signals system
Save 17% off monthly subscription.


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