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Trading stocks is back in fashion. Over the last few years huge numbers of investors abandoned stocks trading and had a go at trading Forex but markets proved too fast, too volatile or too unpredictable for them. Forex trading is just not for everyone.

Stocks have advantages over other asset classes such as dividend payouts and they are easier to understand and analyse. By applying some clever filters to fundamental and technical data genuine opportunities can emerge.

Our Newsletterpro Top UK Large Stocks concentrates on the top 350 stocks in the UK and our daily filtering brings to the top the best of them. For less than the cost of a skinny cappuccino a day (cappuccino prices vary but you get the idea) you get a stock recommendation a day. With one successful trade you can make up the annual cost of the subscription!


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What is the NewsletterPro – Top UK Large Stocks™?

NewsletterPro – Top UK Large Stocks™ is a daily financial newsletter prepared by market professionals and aimed at every-day traders and serious investors that want to invest only on the best UK Large Cap stocks. This daily report highlights only the most promising UK stocks on the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 markets, analyses their outlook and identifies major investment opportunities. You don’t need to spend your time reading anything else – all you need is here.

Emailed to you by 7 am (UK time), the report focuses on the best stock of the day, featuring fundamental and technical analysis and specific investment suggestions to capitalise on immediately. 


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NewsletterPro – Top UK Large Stocks™ is based on Sharescope’s Alpesh Patel Special Edition stock picking filters that have yielded some impressive performance over the years.


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