NewsletterPro Plus

What is the NewsletterPro Plus™?

NewsletterPro Plus™ is an MT4 script that encapsulates the orders suggested by NewsletterPro Forex Opportunities™, allows you to define the risk per trade and sets the orders with a single “drag and drop” to any graph.

Why get NewsletterPro Plus™?

  1. It saves time. Don’t need to type any orders.
  2. It is accurate. No more manual mistakes.
  3. It manages risk. Does the maths for you.
  4. It manages orders. So that you don’t have to.


See the NewsletterPro Plus™ in action:

Advantages of the NewsletterPro Plus™:

  1. It saves time. The NewsletterPro Forex Opportunities suggests daily Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels for up to 4 instruments. It means that may have to type up to 12 numbers to setup 4 orders in your MT4 platform.
  2. It is accurate. The script contains all the information needed to setup the orders. The Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels have been checked so there is no room for error.
  3. It manages risk. The script allows you to define how much, in terms of percentage of your assets under management (AUM) you wish to risk per order. It therefore allows you to manage the risk per position so there is no need to make any complicated calculations to work out the lots for that amount of risk. It is a risk-based system.
  4. It manages orders. If you have any previous NewsletterPro Plus™ open or pending orders it will manage accordingly them.
£59.99/mo (NO VAT)
with a 14-day free trial
£599.99/yr (NO VAT)
with a 14-day free trial
Existing NewsletterPro Forex Opportunities subscribers can upgrade to NewsletterPro Plus for £9.99/month or £99.99/year


Special notes on NewsletterPro Plus™

  1. The NewsletterPro Plus™ script is delivered daily and contains the orders suggested in the daily NewsletterPro Forex Opportunities. It is using the GemmaSetAndForget™ technology.
  2. The NewsletterPro Plus™ can be used in conjuction with or instead of NewsletterPro Forex Opportunities and requires an MT4 trading platform.
  3. The NewsletterPro Plus™ script is currently supported for a number of MT4 platforms including FXCM and ETX Capital. If your platform is not listed we will endevour to include it within 24 hours.
  4. The NewsletterPro Plus™ script, since it is a script and runs once, will not handle OCO (One Cancels Other) orders. If the script creates two orders for the same instrument in opposite directions and one order is filled then the second one will need to removed manually.