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How much more money could you earn with that skill? What will you do with the extra money you’ll earn next month? Allow me to explain what this amazing service can do for you today.

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What is the NewsletterPro – Forex Opportunities™?

androidNewsletterPro – Forex Opportunities™ is a daily specialized financial newsletter focused on the Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Global Indices markets.

Emailed to you by 7:30am* (UK time Monday to Friday), the report highlights the best trading opportunities, explaining in simple but accurate language why you should take every trade, when to enter it and when to get out.

Every daily report contains:

  • Morning Brief with analysis of current market themes
  • Upcoming Economic Events analysis
  • Technical Analysis and Trading Ideas on the EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs, the FTSE 100 and Gold
  • Specific trading tactics and instructions for each trade with precise entry, stop and exit levels

NewsletterPro – Forex Opportunities™ is trading side by side with Alpesh Patel, a professional fund manager, looking over his shoulder and learning from the way he trades in the markets on a daily basis.

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What is Alpesh’s performance?

Alpesh’s investment performance over the years has been more than impressive. Apart from winning the “Financial Times’ Predict the FTSE 100” competition his investment portfolio returns for more than 10 years speak for themselves.

For details on our performance, please click here.

 *Please note that the report might come a few minutes later at rare occasions pending important market news or last minute price action. This is to produce as accurate and profitable signals as possible.



“Very informative and professionally delivered. My subscription to your daily newsletter is playing a major part in my trading strategy.”
— Grenville B .

“Thank you so much. It has given me the confidence to start trading and above all sleep at night! The profits speak for themselves.”
— Therese L .

“I’m not at all surprised at your brilliant results. Thanks for sharing your experience. When you speak I stop what I’m doing and pay attention.”
— Mohammed H .

How can I subscribe?

You can choose between 2 different subscriptions and enjoy a risk-free trial period!

Subscription Plans

£59.99/mo (NO VAT)
with a 14 day free trial
£599.99/yr (NO VAT)
with a 14 day free trial
A discount of 17%

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Meet Alpesh

Alpesh Patel is a top professional trader and financial analyst in the UK. He is the founder of a FCA regulated asset management firm managing millions of dollars in investments. He has achieved a total return of 351% over 10 years compared to 56.5% for the FTSE All-Share.

Alpesh’s investment performance has beaten the returns of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway which only rose 100% in that time. He has consistently outperformed all the top performing managers in the UK All Companies sector over that 10 year period.

Each fortnight he appears on the BBC to provide his much sought-after analysis of global events – reaching 280 million viewers worldwide. He is invited regularly on Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Al Jazzera and other major networks and has given investment speeches in US, China, India, Guatemala, Thailand among many others.

He is the author of 18 books on trading published which have been translated into German, French, Mandarin, Russian, Polish, Korean, Thai. His book Trading Online hit number 2 on the Amazon bestseller list, just behind ‘Harry Potter’.