[Alpesh Patel’s Personal Note] Message from the desk of Alpesh Patel

shutterstock_1115339542My associates told me we have a lot of requests for more information about my “Master Forex Trading with just an iPad” MasterClass, my special training day coming up on the 6th of March 2015.

The key point I´d like to communicate is this event should not be regarded as just another trading seminar.  For a long time I´ve been wanting to mentor a small number of traders who are struggling to make the profits they want.  I believe that if some solid rules and disciplines are adhered to, and a trader understands what he or she is trying to achieve before-hand, then anybody should be able to take money out of the markets on a regular basis.

I want to equip my delegates with all the hardware, software and know-how they need to go out and trade profitable from day 1 following the workshop.  Everybody has PC´s, smart phones and tablets, but I´m concerned that there are too many distractions on these devices that get in the way of your trading.

This is why I´m giving everyone on the workshop their very own iPad to take away, set up with all the trading platforms, software, applications and news flow subscriptions that you need to profit.  The ipad is included in the price (iPad Air with wifi and cellular connection capability, worth £419) as well as one year’s subscription to my NewsletterPro Forex Opportunities (worth £299.99). That way you´ll be better prepared to take on the markets.

I´ve been working on this workshop content for most of 2014 and includes lots of new strategies and market tips that I´ve never revealed before.  These are my very own current strategies that have been making me money in recent months and what I believe will work into 2015 – and I´ll share them with the small group at the workshop on the 6th of March 2015.

We´ve already had a good response for this event but we still have a few places left. Click on the banner below for more details and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Forex MasterClass

[Alpesh Patel’s Personal Note] Computers need not apply

shutterstock_80453707You may think with innovations in finance that computers run all trading and there is increasingly no space for humans. And before computers it was machines then robots replacing humans in so many areas from medicine to car manufacturing.

Sure you can now outperform Warren Buffett and every UK fund manager with a simple piece of software which can data mine more companies than any human every could (www.investingbetter/About Alpesh) but as I can tell you  also on other types of trading need humans – and only humans – because even the most powerful computers cannot replicate what the brain can process.

Take trading FX or Indices. You can now through your iPad see live quotes and decide to ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ instantly. But the human brain only process quickly whether you should buy or sell after bad news, at what profit level, what stop loss, and indeed if the opportunity is missed and you should instead wait for the price to rebound, or if you already have an existing position, should you add to it, subtract from it, or reverse it and with what targets.

Sure you could programme in many scenarios – but that is what experience is. I could not programme in a year all the subtle nuances I see in the financial markets for that kind of trading. Sure there is other types I can automate. There is and remains room for the human brain – its ability to process and remember some things makes it better than any coded algorithm for certain tasks.

And just as in any business you have to which humans should do what tasks, but also which tasks computers should do.

As GBP/USD fell this past week, after people thought it would rise after the Scotland referendum, human experience can manage multiple trades in opposing time frames for different rewards and perspectives whilst having a view on the overall position.

This was an unusual event – for which no one would make a special trading code. Let alone one which can assimilate, analyse, comprehend tons of news.

How good are humans in an age of quick fire trading, with so much instant news? Is there room for humans? The proof is in the pudding – this human was right 78% of the time over the past year – www.investingbetter.com/performance – better than any computer we know that did a comparable number of trades.

But of course who has the time and expertise and experience to do all of these calculations? So for some things – the future is bright for humans – and only humans need apply. Sorry computers need not always apply.

FX Ops performance

[Webinar Recording] How to Day Trade plus Forex, FTSE and Dow update

Dear Investors,

On Monday, June the 30th I gave a webinar on how to Day Trade plus an update on Forex, FTSE and Dow.

I kept the webinar short and to the point. Within 1 hour I revealed:

  • What is it that active traders actually do

  • Actual strategies and profit levels

  • How active traders place up to 200 trades in a single day

  • Which instruments they trade

  • How do they manage their time

  • What tools do they use

  • What screens do they look at

  • How do they manage their positions and how they monitor them all

  • How they place stop losses

I also gave you an update on Forex markets and Equities and revealed where the profits will come from in the second part of the year.

For those who missed it I have made a recording of the webinar so you can watch it at your own time.

To watch a recording of the webinar please click here.

Please note that for verification reasons you will be asked to provide your name and email. The recording is FREE!

Happy Investing

Alpesh Patel, cofounder investingbetter.com

About me: I have published 16 books, and I am the author of Trading Online: A Step-by-Step Guide to CyberProfits, which was the Number 1 best-selling investment book on Amazon UK, and reached Number 2 on the overall best-seller list. I regularly appear on CNBC, the BBC and Bloomberg. I have had over 200 columns published for the Financial Times too and co-hosted my own show on Bloomberg for 3 years.

Learn new strategies from 12 experts in 1 day

Dear Investor

Spend a day with 12 Great Traders [Includes Recording]

We´re proud to be taking part in the upcoming Round-the-Clock-Trader online event taking place on Thursday, 26th June, and if you´re serious about improving your returns you won´t want to miss these exclusive talks.

I will be presenting an update to my recent webinar at 8pm and hope you can join me then.


Starting at 9am on Thursday, 26th June, this free online event for investors and traders continues throughout the day until 9pm featuring a total of 12 expert speakers sharing their thoughts and strategies with YOU – completely free of charge!

During this event, you will also learn from the following speakers:

9.00am Christopher Clarke – CTR – Why the Greatest Traders take a Different Approach

10.00am George Hallmey – Click Events – The Extreme and Contrarian Trader

11.00am Thiru Naggapan – Master the Markets – Trade like a Master with Price Action

12.00pm David Horton – Market Tutors – The News and the Noise

1.00pm  Richard Muller – Alpha Harvest – Trading with your head in the clouds!

3.00pm  Steve Ruffley – IView Charts – Trading Indicators that Work

4.00pm  Bo Yoder – 3D Apex Trading – The Six Figure Income Blueprint

5.00pm  Tom Hougaard – Which Way Today – Mastering Day Trading in Stock Indices

6.00pm  David Paul – VectorVest UK – Combining Fundamentals and TA for Explosive Results

7.00pm  David Burnham – ETX Capital – Five Reasons to Trade the Trend

8.00pm  Alpesh Patel – InvestingBetter.com – A Portfolio Strategy Warren Buffett Would Approve

Click Here to read the full programme and reserve your seat

*All registrants will receive a copy of the recording.

I look forward to seeing you there for this incredible day!

Kind regards

Alpesh Patel

PS – Places are limited on this event so please book early using the following link provided (just by registering you guarantee yourself a recording of all these great talks!)  http://www.londoninvestmentweek.com/IB/rtct26062014