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Alpesh Patel

Invest in the best stocks globally with Artemis Stock Trading™

Build a robust UK and US stock portfolio along one of the best stock pickers in the UK
  • Are you tired from the volatile daily action and want smoother medium-term returns?
  • Are you looking for a way to build a profitable portfolio of UK and US stocks?
  • Are you looking for a profitable solution to invest your capital on?

Artemis Stock Trading™ is a professionally prepared but simple to follow report offering daily stock picks to the everyday investor. Alpesh Patel, a seasoned market expert and founder of an FCA regulated asset management firm employs daily technical and fundamental analysis to determine promising opportunities in the UK and US stock markets.

The daily report includes stocks to trade by issuing a recommendation to buy or sell short a specific pick. The report also indicates the closing of currently open positions when it’s time to crystallise your profits or to avoid any excess losses.

“Take advantage of the powerful combination of systematic trading and human expertise to get the most out of the global stock markets”

What does the report include?


The Artemis system selects and invests on promising UK or US stocks and ETFs that we expect to yield a return over the medium term. Every day we analyse the stock markets and select a number of stocks/ETFs to buy or sell short, monitor our existing positions and decide which positions to exit reaping our gains.

The report arrives around the time the markets open, allowing the investor to plan what changes to make on his portfolio during the day ahead. The report includes:

  • The new stocks/ETFs to either buy or sell short.
  • The positions to be exited, reaping gains or limiting any expected losses.
  • The complete overview of the portfolio with all existing positions along with their current performance since inception.

How can I use the Artemis in my trading?

You can actually use the Artemis Stock Trading system in your everyday trading in two different ways, catering for both types of investors and traders:

    • You can follow each and every stock pick every day and start building a robust and profitable portfolio of stocks that will return a medium-term performance.
    • You can pick and choose from the daily stock picks the ones that suit your personal taste and needs thus creating a smaller selection of securities that can potentially out-perform Artemis itself!


  • In any case the daily report monitors all stock picks and when it’s time to exit one of them the report will let you know it’s time to get out.

Has Artemis been tested on a real money portfolio?

Artemis Stock Trading™ was developed by Alpesh Patel along with a team of accomplished financial advisors based in New York City. Alpesh worked hard to introduce the system to active investors seeking an automated technology to assist their trading.

Artemis Stock Trading™ has been used for live trading in a multi-million dollar account since mid-2009 with impressive performance. Alpesh himself is the founder of a FCA regulated asset management firm managing millions of dollars in investments.

Alpesh on Financial Times

Alpesh was named the “top FTSE 100 forecaster” by the Financial Times after winning their FTSE 100 stock picking challenge competing against dozens of other City professionals. He has also achieved a total return of 351% over 10 years compared to 56.5% for the FTSE All-Share.

The philosophy and maths behind Artemis

Artemis Stock Trading™ identifies and suggests entry and exit trades on UK and US stocks and ETFs based on a systematic, multi-strategy approach consisting of 4 core strategies:

  • Global Long/Short Equity: Uses bottom-up technical and fundamental analysis to select names to go long or short. Diversified across many names across all sectors globally via stocks or ETFs (Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia). Directional bias (net long, flat, or net short) is derived bottom-up, depending on prevailing market conditions.
  • Credit: Uses top-down technical and fundamental analysis to go long or flat US high-yield corporate bond indices via ETFs or mutual funds.
  • ETF Arbitrage: Uses quantitative techniques to arbitrage structural inefficiencies (e.g. daily re-gearing, yield of underlying securities or derivatives, tax treatment, fees, borrowing costs, etc.) of certain ETFs.
  • Global Macro: Uses top-down technical and fundamental analysis to select global markets to go long or short via ETFs. Diversified across many global markets across all asset classes (Equity Indices, Fixed Income, FX, Commodities). Directional bias (net long, flat, or net short), depending on prevailing market conditions.
Diversification and following the trend in global markets are the key elements of a profitable investment portfolio.

more on Artemis risk management

The system also includes systematic risk management features, incorporating the following:

  • Position limits: The initial and current size of every position in all strategies is within “hard” limits, which are dependent on the strategy.
  • Asset class, Sector, Country limits: They are monitored to ensure diversification; when breached, relevant exposures tend to get reduced.
  • Stop losses: Every position in all strategies is protected with a hard stop loss.
  • VaR limits: Every strategy and the overall portfolio have hard VaR limits.
  • Stress tests: Every strategy and the overall portfolio are routinely stress-tested under various scenarios to identify potentially large risk exposures.
  • Liquidity limits: The liquidity of every position is constantly monitored and the position gets reduced or exited if its liquidity drops below a hard limit.
  • Counterparty monitoring: The financial health of the brokers where the accounts are held is constantly monitored using objective metrics (stock prices, CDS spreads, credit ratings). Brokers get replaced if their financial health drops below predetermined hard limits.

Our research and live trading of this strategy since 2009 in a multi-million dollar account make us confident that Artemis Stock Trading™ will be a valuable building block for the retail trader and institutional investor alike.

Subscription Plans

UK Stock/ETF Portfolio
£149.99/3 mo (NO VAT)
with a 14-day free trial
US Stock/ETF Portfolio
£149.99/3 mo (NO VAT)
with a 14-day free trial
UK & US Stock/ETF Portfolio
£249.99/3 mo (NO VAT)
with a 14-day free trial

ARTEMIS STOCK TRADING™ Institutional Edition


Frequently Asked Questions

Which markets are covered by Artemis Stock Trading™?

Artemis Stock Trading™ covers the most liquid and diverse markets globally and provides precise trading signals for the most attractive stocks and ETFs in the global markets. Artemis Stock Trading™ is available in two separate daily reports which you receive via e-mail.

What kind of signals does Artemis Stock Trading™ produce?

Artemis Stock Trading™ produces simple entry or exit signals delivered via email around the open of the UK and US stock markets. As these are medium- to long-term positions, trades can be placed via market orders. After trades are placed there are no further adjustments to be made until the following day.

What time do the reports arrive?

The report is delivered directly to your email every day around the opening time of the respective market, in order to have plenty of time to set up the daily trades.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can simply email us and we will cancel your subscription.

Do I have to give my PayPal/credit card details to start the trial?

Yes, you will be asked to provide your payments details but we will not charge you until the end of the trial. And of course you can cancel your trial at any time without any charge or further obligations. Simply email us and we will take care of everything.

We trust Alpesh Patel

Who is Alpesh Patel?

Alpesh Patel is a top professional trader and financial analyst in the UK. He is the founder of a FCA regulated asset management firm managing millions of dollars in investments. He has achieved a total return of 351% over 10 years compared to 56.5% for the FTSE All-Share.

Alpesh’s investment performance has beaten the returns of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway which only rose 89% in that time. He has consistently outperformed all the top performing managers in the UK All Companies sector over that 10 year period.

Each fortnight he appears on the BBC to provide his much sought-after analysis of global events – reaching 280 million viewers worldwide. He is invited regularly on Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Al Jazzera and other major networks and has given investment speeches in US, China, India, Guatemala, Thailand among many others.

He is the author of 18 books on trading published which have been translated into German, French, Mandarin, Russian, Polish, Korean, Thai. His book Trading Online hit number 2 on the Amazon bestseller list, just behind ‘Harry Potter’.